Friday, March 28, 2008

New, Old, and Vote for us !

Hi Zoneheads, all well ?
Greetings from rainy windy London town, and we're back with news of how you can vote for us in a rather splendid little Poll (it'll take just seconds of your time, really), and news of both New and Vintage Shows, in AZ land.
Firstly, to the voting thing - a Poll is currently being run by one of the stations who take AZ Shows - RTI - and they want to know who your favourites are.
Therefore, if you please - do nip along to and you'll see it on the right of their front page, near the top.
A list of names, and all you do is tick the box. Please do !
Ahem, I think you know who we'd like you to vote for.
Much appreciated, if you do ! Thank you !
On to this weekend, and Rich Phoenix takes centre stage on Saturday night, via RTI and Sky 0195, at 9pm UK time.
Meanwhile, Sunday at 8pm sees (hears ?) the return of the Scotsman, our very own Mr Reece, to the airwaves, after all that flu-ish sinus cold virus nonsense.
And - what a special 'one-off' the Show is.
It's the recent 'Q and A' - but all questions are answered within the Show itself, which sit alongside quite a few musical 'guilty secrets' too.
I've heard a little of it already - and it is fascinating, a real one-off.
Expect the unexpected !
I did promise another look into the AZ archives recently, in search of some more 'Vintage' programming, to air on our Pod.
Job done !
This weekend, 3 Album Zone Shows from 2004 will appear, from Simon G, James Barclay, and Johnny Reece, respectively.
Simon was chosen, because there are a few strong rumours floating around, that he may make his return to the AZ airwaves, very soon. Watch this space ! And enjoy the vintage shows.
Have a great weekend, everyone,
Steve Lloyd PR The Album Zone