Friday, April 18, 2008

Leafy Glades, Scotsmen, and Punkbabys

And a-hurtling into the weekend we go...
Hi Zoners, I hope all is good in your part of the planet.
Zone news to tell you about, with our usual weekend Programming being broadcast around the globe, on both Saturday and Sunday evening.
Saturday, 9pm it is (UK time) via, and Andy Miles will be in the chair.
Not this chair, but his own chair.
Expect to hear the likes of Autograph, The Jayhawks, Tom Petty, The Wallflowers, and many more. Andy will be with you for 2 hours. Oh, and also via Sky 0195, if you don't mind.
Sunday, 8pm this time, same frequencies, and a bit of a first. The first joint venture across the microphones, from Reecey and Zoe. They had long talked about doing a co-hosted Programme, and here it is. Rumour is too, there's more to come ! It's around for your aural pleasure (don't you just love that phrase ?) via, at 8pm, so, be there !
Oh, and I'm not giving away any secrets about the playlist for this one, either.
You'll have to tune in. Tales a-plenty, from first ever musical purchases, to adolescent dreamings, through to new discoveries.
Both of the weekends Programmes, are, naturally, already on our Pod.
We had long threatened, well, promised, the return of a former Presenter into the warm embrace of our bosom. Should that be bosoms ? No matter, we can now officially announce the return of Simon G to the Album Zone airwaves. His new opus is here at AZ Towers, ready to be unleashed upon you all. We'll put it up on the Pod next week, and broadcasts will follow via our usual outlets, in May 2008.
Welcome back Simon !
Forthcoming weeks will also see a brand new Programme from Rich Phoenix, and, naturally, another joint venture from Reecey and Zoe.
Oh, and all the usual suspects.
Thank you for being there !
Have a great weekend everyone,