Sunday, April 06, 2008

Shows and snow ! 6th April 2008

Happy weekend to all !
Bit of a shock when I (eventually) opened the curtains this morning, to find that about 5 inches of snow fell on old London town during the night.
What's going on ? So much for global warming. It doesn't seem to be sticking around though.
Now esconced in the Studio, editing to do, and a few thoughts on tonights Show.

I love it when I find an artist that I seem to have missed, and the music is just so damn brilliant that I have to have everything they have released, all at once.
It's something that doesn't happen often, but it has with Fabienne Delsol.
After airing a couple of tracks last time out, I've taken a step back just a few years further in her career, when she fronted a Band called The Bristols, and will be playing 2 tracks from them tonight.
Hoping, hoping, hoping, that some gigs may be in the offing from Fabienne, who is now solo. It would be so good to see some of those songs done 'Live'. No news on that as yet though.

Another find, courtesy of my Album Zone colleague Zoe, is Sophie Kay, who, no doubt, you will be hearing in future Shows.
Tonight though, as well as Fabienne/The Bristols, there's a fab track from VNV Nation, really haunting this one. A newie from the B52s, a vintage French trip with Christine Pilzer, some superb Alex Harvey, and a look too at a real landmark Album, with a fascinating story behind it, from Marvin Gaye.
Way back, when Marvin was going through a painful divorce, the judge ordered that his wife/ex-wife, as part of the settlement, was to receive ALL royalties from his next Album. It makes for fascinating listening now. 'Beautifully painful', is how I'd describe it.
So, 2 tracks from that tonight, the melancholy 'I Met A Little Girl' which describes their romantic meeting early on, and later, the bitter 'Is That Enough'. The Album, is rather tellingly called 'Here, My Dear'.

Expect to hear other favourites too, including the very first Single from a 17 year old Marc Bolan, in 1965.

Hoping you may give it a listen - and if you don't, catch up with it all later on the Album Zone Pod, will you ?

Finally, a huge thank you to those who have voted for us in the RTI Poll.
It takes just seconds to do, and it really is appreciated.
Please keep it up !
Simply go to, and you'll see, top right, (once the page loads !), a little voting thing. A vote here and there for 'Johnny Reece / Album Zone' wouldn't go amiss.
Love ya forever if you do !

I hope you like the Show, if you manage to tune in.
It's tonight at 8pm (UK time), around the world via, and also on Sly Channel 0195 on Satellite, if you have that.

Have a great Sunday (ermm, hopefully with no snow).

Johnny x