Sunday, May 04, 2008

Less crawling around...

Holiday weekend greetings from London town...

Truth be told, it's been a relatively lazy one so far, with plans not quite going as expected. Much crawling around under mixing desks was planned, pretending to be audio and electrical wizards (we do that, you know).
But for those dreaded three words so prevalent in the industry these days ('out of stock'), we would have been. A new sparkling piece of equipment was going to be collected today, but wasn't available. Which brings me to a gripe.
So many online companies advertise goods that they never actually have.
Fine them and close them down if that is found to be the case, I say !
I have worked in the mail order business, and with some pride I can say have never advertised anything we didn't actually have in stock.
So, the crawling around amongst lots of wires was delayed today, though I suspect this may well happen later in the week, as AZ Studio improvements will indeed happen.
Tomorrow, for instance, a trip to the leafy glades in is order, to pick up some equipment. By next weekend, something tells me the main studio here at AZ Towers will look a little different. Maybe not to the untrained eye - but there will be lots of changes, believe me !
We have worked this weekend on audio improvements, which we are pleased with, too.

Ah, to tonight !
It's the soiree, as ever, at 20.00 UK time, via, and also on Sky 0195. Two hours of stuff for your ears. I do hope you can tune in.
If you can't - shame on you !, but you can pick it up later tonight via our Pod, or watch out for the links to it later on, from my profile page.
Expect to hear newies from Smoosh, and The Teenagers, vintage Girly bits from The Crystals and The Ronettes, a jazzy bit or two from both Miles Davis and Dexter Gordon, oh, and just about everything in between.

And a huge thanks for the continuing votes for both myself and the Album Zone, via the Listeners Poll on the front page of
Thank you, and keep it up ! Your votes are appreciated, so if you haven't been there yet, do pay a visit, and cast your vote with that little finger of yours.
Oh, and The Sphinx and Mona Lisa say hi.

Have a good (rest of) weekend !

Johnny x

PS... New shows are being uploaded to the Pod today, by that man Steve Lloyd. As well as my new soiree, later on you'll be able to tune in to newies from Simon G, Rich Phoenix, and Barry De Foyle.
By next weekend, newies from Zoe, and Andy Miles, will be there too !
Your ears should be busy, you know.