Saturday, August 30, 2008

New outlet for AZ...

Hi Zoneheads, had a good week ?
Just a quick update to tell you about, before we get into more Playlists and Schedules for you (which I'll be catching up on and publishing, on Sunday afternoon).

We're very happy to announce another outlet for The Album Zone, which tests tomorrow, Saturday 30th August, at 12.00 Noon, EST.
The broadcast eminates from our new friends at Hesser College Radio, in Manchester, New Hampshire, USA. This will also be streamed via the Net, at

Tune in if you can ! This will be at 12.00 local, which is 17.00 UK time, and 18.00 across Europe, or 09.00 for West USA. .

Tonight, Friday, our good friends at WCRV in Pennsylvania aired the new Andy Miles Show, and will air the Johnny Reece Show, on Sunday, 18.00 CET, locally via 97.7 FM.

I'll be back on Sunday, to give you the Schedules for the forthcoming weeks Programmes broadcast globally via Radio Seagull, which continue on Monday.

Have a great weekend everyone !

Steve Lloyd PR The Album Zone