Sunday, November 30, 2008

Stand by for December !

Ho Ho Ho...

Hang on, no, it's a little too early for that.
But, Xmas planning is something we have to do here at AZ Towers, as many of our programming outlets want a good deal of shows upfront, so, it's been a planning, scheduling week.
No surprises then, that a little Xmas activity is beginning to creep into some of the programmes.

Great to have Simon G back with us after a little absence, and his 'Xmas Special' is superb - yes, I'm biased - but I heard it upfront and loved it. Xmas songs not so obvious, but great all the same. That will be coming your way for the first time, on Tuesday 16th December (8pm UK) and then 20th December (02.00 UK) via

Just yesterday, the very punklicious Zoe arrived here at AZ Towers, to cut her latest opus. Expect Ska, Punk, and some strangely mad Xmassy messages on this one, which airs for the first time on Monday 8th December (8pm UK), and is repeated at 02.00 (UK) on Friday 12th.
Once again, this is via our good friends at Radio Seagull (

Both of these particular programmes will be repeated again over the Xmas period, I'll let you know when the time comes, ok ?

This coming week, the AZ programmes via Seagull, Monday through Wednesday, feature Richard Bismarck, Gil Legine, and Johnny Reece, respectively.
As ever, 8pm UK time (or whatever the time is in your particular zone !).

A quick plug, for the new MySpace page, for Radio Seagull. It is currently in the building stage, with new galleries to come shortly. It's at :

Oh, and one more Xmas mention - Radio Seagull are airing a series of one-off special programmes for Xmas day, all one hour in duration. Our own Johnny Reece is due on at 13.00 CET (12.00 UK, 07.00 EST).

There are some catching up on Playlists to do, and current playlists will be published later today via the Blog, on our MySpace page.
As you know, we're at

Don't open that Xmas punch too early !