Monday, February 06, 2006

Welcome to THE ALBUM ZONE !

Welcome, all. On the next few pages you will see what we've been up to. Or are still up to. Or, better still, what we fully intend to get up to in the future. This is the official Album Zone Blog, home to the thoughts, fears, and general misbehaving of 10 individuals who thought it might be a good idea to run their own Radio Station, mainly because they thought there surely must be something else than the same old 500 songs going round and round. Largely, there was not, so they decided to do something about it themselves. Here are their adventures. They're on air, 24/7, at, but here you can find out their history too - what they like and dislike, where and when they have broadcast, and why.
Check where they've been, what they've been doing, and how on earth they've managed to keep it going, with no finance except for what they put in themselves (The Album Zone is voluntary run) and with the magnificent help, mainly, from devoted listeners, to keep all the madness going.
And long may it continue.
We hope you enjoy our Blog, which will be updated several times per week, with many more articles and features also to be added in the days ahead...

Steve Lloyd, PR, The Album Zone