Friday, August 25, 2006

Scheds Ahead... and, ermm, Cereals

Well well well Kiddies, a good day to you all.

We here at AZ Towers trust you are well.
What have we been up to for the last 4 days ?
I'll tell you, we have been knee deep in computer parts and studio bits, lots to update and change around.
All quite dull really as we are not particularly technical, we just want the damn things to work.
With this in mind, whilst all that was going on, surrounded by very strange pieces of metal and things which I wouldn't know where to put back, and seeing various people crawling around under studio desks and using the word "testing"! a lot, I have busied myself arranging the Programme Schedules upfront, for our various broadcasting outlets.
There has been many late nights this week, in fact AZ Towers had become quite a Hotel over the past few days, with all the work going on. This brought up an interesting thing (well, not really, but I'm going to mention it anyway) and that was the various peoples choice of breakfast in the mornings before we set about ripping things apart again.
I, myself, like some Toast and Cereal. And Orange Juice. And maybe Coffee.
The Engineer, who is called Mike, wanted industrial strength Black Coffee, and nothing else.
Johnny wanted Tea and Cigarettes.
Now, come on, that's quite Rock n' Roll. Either that, or Coffee and Cigarettes, which is even more so.
However, this turned into a fully fledged discussion whilst we pretended to fix things, where it was revealed that Johnny hated Cereal with a vengeance. This obviously got to him, as he suddenly remembered, as a child, his liking for Sugar Puffs. I'm sure they have various names in different parts of the world (Honey Puffs, Sugar Smacks, whatever) but it did suddenly strike a chord, and over the next few days our Scottish Leader fought with his conscience and attempted to fight the sudden craving of a childhood memory.
He gave in, after 3 days, at last, yesterday.
We have all been eating Sugar Puffs since. They are magnificent.
What has this got to do with radio ?

Ok, here goes, Schedules a go-go, where we are, and with whom, on our various outlets over the next few weeks... now pay attention, and sit up at the back :

Saturday Nights :
RTI ( and Sky Satellite 0195, and 1350 AM throughout Central Europe : at 21.00 hrs (UK time) :

26th August : Zoe Street
2nd September : Katrine
9th September : Johnny Reece and Andy Miles
16th September : Rich Phoenix
23rd September : Barry De Foyle
30th September : Katrine
7th October : Zoe Street


Sunday Nights :
RTI ( and Sky Satellite 0195 and 1350 AM throughout Central Europe : at 20.00 hrs (UK time) :

The Johnny Reece Show (every Sunday evening).

(Please note - this Sunday, 27th Aug, is a repeat of 20th Aug, due to all our Studio work at AZ Towers this week, not to mention the Sugar Puffs).


Wednesday Nights :
Radio Seagull ( and Radio Waddenzee (1602AM, Netherlands) for 6 hours (3 x Album Zone Programmes, back to back) at 18.00 - 00.00 hrs (UK time) :

Weds 30th August : Johnny Reece & Andy Miles, Katrine, Johnny Reece
Weds 6th September : Katrine, Zoe Street, Johnny Reece
Weds 13th September : Zoe Street, Andy Miles, Johnny Reece
Weds 20th September : Richard Bismarck, Rich Phoenix, Johnny Reece
Weds 27th September : Barry De Foyle, Zoe Street, Johnny Reece


Our Pod :

Currently on the Pod, are brand new AZ Programmes from :

Rich Phoenix, Johnny Reece & Andy Miles (co-hosted), Zoe Street, Johnny Reece, Katrine, and Andy Miles.
More to follow shortly, with our usual mix of 'Vintage' goodies too...


Whew ! That took some sorting.
Thanks for bearing with us through that, now you can all go away and relax.
Or go to bed.
Or eat some cereal.
Or something.

Thanks, as ever, for your support.

Steve Lloyd PR The Album Zone

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