Sunday, August 20, 2006

Tonights Johnny Reece Playlist...

And a very good weekend to you all. Everything ok ? Good.
Below for you is tonights playlist for the Johnny Reece Show, broadcast on RTI ( around the world, at 20.00 hours UK time, and simultaneously on Sky Satellite Channel 0195, and various AM and FM frequencies in Central Europe (and if you need to know about the various AMs and FMs, they are posted on the RTI Website). This programme will also appear on our Pod, later tonight.

Playlist as follows :

The Chalets - Theme From Chalets
Aimee Mann - I Should've Known
Bjork - Karvel
Buffy St. Marie - Bad End
Lefty C. Burnell - Jailbait
Tom Petty - Blinded By Love
Sparks - Tits
Paul Oakenfold feat. Emiliana Torrini - Hold My Hand
Depeche Mode - It's No Good
Clinic - The Return Of Evil Bill
Duane Eddy & The Rebel Rousers - The Girl On Death Row
Thorns - Such A Shame
Michael J. Sheehy - Just A Word
Aqualung - Strange And Beautiful
Lesbians On Ecstasy - Parachute Clubbing
Vanessa Paradis - The La La Song
Barclay James Harvest - Poor Man's Moody Blues
Napalm Death - Common Enemy
Twinkle - Mickey
Bryan Ferry - Can't Let Go
Julia Thornton - Chansons Dans La Nuit
Ezio - Braver Than You Are
Bruce Springsteen - Secret Garden
Tom Waits - Jersey Girl
Death Cab For Cutie - Different Names For The Same Thing
Thin Lizzy - Still In Love With You ('Live)

Up and coming :
A newie from our Punk Princess Zoe Street - and it's exclusively on our Pod, first.
We mean right now !
Later in the week, the 3rd Show from our little Swedish Pixie Katrine will be with you, and, once again, it'll be on the AZ Pod first.
Then, next weekend, the return of Rich Phoenix, our man in NJ.
Whew ! That enough to be going on with ?

Speak soon mes ami, have a fine time.

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