Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Midweek Schedules, and upcoming Netherlands Airtime Increase

Hello Zoneheads, our quick usual short sharp midweek update, with details of our shows worldwide via Radio Seagull, taking place this week. The place to be ? www.radioseagull.com.
Tonight, Tuesday, it's Johnny Reece, Wednesday it's Richard Bismarck, and on Friday it's Andy Miles.
All of those shows, are broadcast at Midnight (UK time).
Then, Saturday at 21.00 hours, it's Johnny Reece.
Missed any Programmes ? Oh, catch up with any, either by download or by playing them straight to your PC, from our Pod. You'll find it at : http://www.4shared.com/dir/391612/be81ca22/sharing.html
As some of you will know, AZ originally had 6 hours airtime per week, from Radio Seagull. This increased to 8 hours per week only for this month, July 2007, as an experiment.
However, we are happy to announce our increase in airtime via these frequencies, to 12 hours per week, at the very end of this month.
We'll have 3 evenings of 2 hour shows (UK time, 18.00 hours, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday), and we will be repeating those exact Programmes on the following 3 mornings, during the night in fact (UK time, 02.00 hours, on Thursday, Friday, Saturday) meaning our USA listeners will have the opportunity to hear the same Programmes in primetime evening slots, too.
That seems the best way to handle it. Full details at the end of the month though, as these will not swing into action until 30th July.
We're back at the weekend with another bulletin, with news and playlists for our forthcoming Saturday and Sunday evening shows via RTI (www.rti.fm), featuring Richard Bismarck, and Johnny Reece.
Have a great week !
Steve Lloyd PR The Album Zone