Saturday, July 14, 2007

They call it maintenance

The new Studio chair is here...
Just thought I'd let that sink in, for a second. But - here's the thing. It never stops there, does it ? I wondered when our Scotsman would decide other things had to be changed, and sure enough, plans are afoot. What sounds like an easy task on paper, is certainly not in reality, as our leader has decided that the plinth that all the equipment sits on needs streamlined, reshaped, and most of all, moved to another location, albeit in the same room. Sounds easy ? Well... apart from having to dismantle and disconnect everything, do what is required and then put everything back together again, that's it. It could easily cut the most part of a week out of the ether.
But, looking around, he's right. It will be more manageable once the job is done. First, we need to get a little more upfront with some AZ Programmes, if we know the Studio may be down for a few days. Just in case.
To this weekend, and its the turn of Andy Miles to be in your ears, as is his want. That's tonight, Saturday, usual time and place, 21.00 hrs via Oh, and Sky 0195. I'm quoting UK time here.
Tomorrow, it's Johnny Reece in the chair (the old chair, not the new chair !) at 20.00 hours, same locations.
Here's the playlists !
Andy Miles Show, Saturday 14th July 2007 and Sky 0195
21.00 hours, UK time :
Cozy Powell - Na Na Na Na
Manfred Mann's Earthband - California
The Jayhawks - Life Floats By
Hoodoo Gurus - Like A Wipe-out
The Who - Little Billy
Bob Dylan - The Changing Of The Guards
Van Halen - Dance The Night Away
Type O Negative - Dead Again
Ozzy Osbourne - No Easy Way Out
Pearl Jam - Army Reserve
Velvet Revolver - Fall To Pieces
Led Zeppelin - In The Light
Spinal Tap - Stonehenge
Melanie - Lay Lady Lay
Black Label Society - The Last Goodbye
The Firm - You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling
Chris Robinson - Like A Tumbleweed In Eden
The Rolling Stones - New Faces
The Steve Miller Band - Space Cowboy
Guns n' Roses - Rocket Queen
The Jackson Analogue - Come On
Alanis Morissette - Joining You
The Answer - Come Follow Me
Johnny Reece Show, Sunday 15th July 2007, and Sky 0195
20.00 hours, UK time :
Status Quo - In My Chair (he couldn't resist, could he !!!)
Ladytron - Discotraxx
Ian Dury and The Blockheads - Wake Up And Make Love With Me
Metric - Poster Of A Girl
Hawkwind - Silver Machine
Death Cab For Cutie - Your Heart Is An Empty Room
Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood - Lady Bird
Psychedelic Furs - Heartbreak Beat
Elsa Leroy - Mieux Vaut Tard Que Jamais
Ramones - The Job That Ate My Brain
Helicopter Girl - Johni The Dog
Roxy Music - The Bogus Man
The Beatles - She Said, She Said
Pink Floyd - Take It Back
Mott The Hoople - Honaloochie Boogie
Tricky - Overcome
The Kinks - Do It Again
David Bowie - A New Career In A New Town
John's Children - Not The Sort Of Girl You Take To Bed
Kenny Everett and Mike Vickers - Captain Kremmen
Simon and Garfunkel - Mrs Robinson (Graduate Version)
Charlotte and Serge Gainsbourg - Lemon Incest
Rolling Stones - Out Of Tears
Gary Shearston - I Get A Kick Out Of You
Todd Rundgren - I Saw The Light
Duke Ellington - Prelude To A Kiss
The Zimmers - My Generation
Strange how some peoples opinions can change, with maybe a piece of music, a certain mood, or whatever.
I remember the previous weeks Reecey Soiree, and the buzz that was here in the Studio during and after the show was done. Everyone enjoyed it.
Fast forward one week. At the close of the last track, our Scotsman turns round and says 'you know, I wish I hadn't actually played any of those'. He wasn't happy !
A strange bunch, Radio Presenters. But I guess we wouldn't have it any other way.
Wishing you all a special weekend, and thanks, as ever, for your support.
I'll return on Tuesday/Wednesday with details of next weeks AZ Shows, via Radio Seagull.
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