Saturday, September 29, 2007

An International Flavour

Hi all,
bit of an International flavour going on with our Programming over the next fortnight.
Scots, Swedish Pixies, English Punky girls, New Danes, Northern Irish Progheads, Americans, ah, you name it, they will be appearing in various places.
Firstly, I must mention how great it was to see the Punklicious Zoe once again, who was here at AZ Towers a couple of days ago, and recorded a brand new show.
From the Schedules I posted just last week, you'll see where and when she's around, but, as ever, we'll put it on our Pod first so you can hear her return to AZ action, exclusively.
You know the place :
Zoe's show will be there, as from later today, Saturday. Tune in !
In the last week or so, more new shows have arrived, all demanding your attention.
Following his summer sabbatical, the Danish cool one, The Gilster, has his brand new Programme up too, exclusively on our Pod, first. Same goes for our Northern Irish Mr Progman, Barry De Foyle. Those shows are there right now, along with the return of Richard Bismarck, an excellent show as ever, this time decorated with occasional tales of his trip to France, in recent times.
Incidentally, Mr Bismarck also appears tonight, 21.00 hours, Saturday, via, and Sky Satellite 0195, and his playlist is published for you below.
From tomorrow, it's the Scotsmans turn, as the Johnny Reece Show appears on the Pod, directly appearing after being broadcast at 20.00 via, and Sky 0195. That's tomorrow evening, folks.
Lots of newies promised by the Scotsman on this occasion, with some new finds he describes as 'brilliant' (well he would, wouldn't he ?), such as Erin Lang, Sufjan Stevens, and more. Also included, a rare original from Gloria Jones, an ultra rare REM 'live' track, and the odd bit of Synth, Pop, and Goth thrown in for good measure.
Oh yes, and he had another bizarre dream. You'll hear it all !
Following on from all the above mayhem, the following week sees the return of Pixie ! to the fore. Her new Programme is first broadcast on the radio waves of Radio Seagull, on the 9th of October, but we'll put it exclusively on our Pod first for you. Be patient !
Also, our man in NJ, Rich Phoenix, returns at the same time. Expect both Pixie and Rich to be appearing on our Pod next weekend, and oh, I'll be reminding you...
Ah, carpentry. Remember that ? Well, just a little has been done, certainly not the full monty which we expected, but that was due to work coming first here at AZ Towers, more than anything else. Now, some of it is delayed just a little further, as news of a super-duper all powerful new PC to add to our studio armour will be arriving this very afternoon, courtesy of Andy Miles, who travels up from the leafy glades. So, it's all go !
Now as promised, the playlist for the Richard Bismarck Show, tonight :
Porquoi Un Pyjama - RĂ©gine
Joe Le Taxi - Vanessa Paradis
Back In The USSR - The Beatles
Je M'Appelle Jane - Jane Birkin en duo avec Mickey (3D)
The Trick Is To Keep Breathing - Garbage
Mina Loy (MOH) - Billy Corgan
Back On The Street - Utopia
Hang Me Up To Dry - Cold War Kids
Who Are You, Defenders Of The Universe? - The Dears
Sailor & Widow - Keren Ann
Hope You Like The New Me - Richard Thompson
Kid - The Pretenders
I Feel Better Than James Brown - Was (Not Was)
Fingertips - Emiliana Torrini
Supply & Demand - The Hives
All Ablaze - Ian Brown
Planet Earth - Prince
Alpha Beta Gaga - Air
Complaints - Sparks
Manuscript - Al Stewart
We Love You - Rolling Stones
She's Got Everything - Kinks
Everything I Cannot See - Charlotte Gainsbourg
Raised On Robbery - Joni Mitchell
Sleeping Beauty - Lene Lovich
Suite: Judy Blue Eyes - Crosby, Stills & Nash
The Hedgehog's Song - Incredible String Band
Down The Dustpipe - Status Quo
Keep an eye on that Pod, won't you - it's ever changing these days !
Thanks, as ever, for your support.
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