Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Pixie On The Pod !

Hi all,
more updates to our Pod, as promised in our last update.
Following a whole load of new Programmes transferred to the Pod last weekend, we're happy to tell you we now have the return of our very own Pixie ! to the Album Zone airwaves.
Exclusive first airing of her new show is available, right now.
The show will also be broadcast via Radio Seagull (www.radioseagull.com) on 9th October at 18.00 hours, and 13th October at 02.00 hours, around the world. All times quoted, are UK time.
Following this, it can also be heard via RTI (www.rti.fm) on Saturday, 20th October, at 21.00 hours, and simultaneously on Sky Satellite, channel 0195.
But you want to hear it first ? Get to the Pod !
It is available, with many other Album Zone Programmes, at :
Here's the Playlist ! :
I found out - The Pigeon Detectives

Where is my mind - Nada Surf
Göteborg - Perkele
Paul Weller - Kristian Anttila
Please dont ask - Popsicle
All Kindsa Girls - The Real Kids
Brown sugar - The Rolling Stones
Make up your mind - Stic Bators
Everybody's scoring dope - The High Hats
Old yellow Bricks - The Arctic Monkeys
Into the light - Jens Lekman
I've been waiting for you - Neil Young
Take her back - The Pigeon Detectives
Bob - NOFX
Varje litet steg - Lasse Lindh
Got to get you into my life - The Beatles
Wishbone - Architecture in Helsinki
Louie - Ida-Maria
Dreaming of you - The Coral
Bring it on! - Horrorpops
I wanna be your dog - Joan Jett
Some people ride the way - Devandra Banhart
A rush and a push and the land is ours - The Smiths
Don't skate on my ramp - Satanic Surfers
Down at the R - Moneybrother
Claudia - The View
Josephine - Mando Diao
What do I get - The Buzzcocks
Lozin' Must - Millencolin
Win or Lose - Randy
I Miss You - Incubus
Spill your beans - Timo Räisänen
Oh my god - Ida-Maria feat. Timo Räisänen
Ramones - Daytime Dilemna
Expect more Pod action later in the week, with the return of our man in NJ, Rich Phoenix.
Meanwhile, one of those strange weeks at AZ Towers. Whilst we were pleased to have another master PC in our grasp which will be essential for editing, processing, and uploading future Programmes, we had the other side of the coin too when the Minidisc machine failed - you guessed it - just 2 months past the guarantee.
Isn't that always the way ? You know, I'm sure these things are timed to do that !
Wishing you all a good week, and if you like what you hear, by all means contact us, whoever, and wherever, you are. Thanks, as ever, for your support.
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