Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday, Monday...

Greetings Zoneheads, and welcome to the week.
It's been a strange one here, for all sorts of reasons, as most of you know. On to all that in a minute or two.
Firstly, let me update you, as I should, with Programme news. Happy to say that the brand new opus from the Punklicious Zoe Street-Howe is currently getting it's debut on the AZ Pod. Do check it out, it's her 2nd Show back at the Zone, after too, too long an absence.
Also nestling up on the Pod, since last night, is the current Johnny Reece Show.
To catch both of those, and a host of other AZ Programmes from our little squad, just go to our Pod URL at the bottom of this update, and away you go...
It's customary (hey, it's AZ law !) to bring you the Johnny Reece playlist from the weekend, so here goes :
Johnny Reece Show, 18th November 2007
Donald Fagen - New Frontier
Brian Eno - Baby's On Fire
Ray Davies - One More Time
The Beatles - I'm Down
Marjorie Fair - Stare
R.E.M. - She Just Wants To Be
Rolling Stones - 19th Nervous Breakdown
Elvis Costello And The Attractions - Watch Your Step
John Cooper Clarke - I Musn't Go Down To The Sea Again
Delphine - La Fermeture Eclair
Les Fleur De Lys - Circles
The Style Council - Down In The Seine
John Lennon - Bless You
Bill Nelson's Red Noise - Furniture Music
Cat Stevens - How Can I Tell You
The Mockingbirds - How To Find A Lover
The Kinks - Celluloid Heroes ('Live')
Lightning Seeds - Cigarettes And Lies
Roxy Music - Manifesto
Magda Umer - Koncert Jesienny
Plastiscines - Mister Driver
Cockney Rebel - Ritz
Uploading again today, but this time, to our MySpace page. We have been updating the Photo Galleries there, so do take a peak !
Finally, thanks to all those who wrote in, regarding the loss of our well known and much loved resident AZ Mascot. He's been around for over 5 years - yes, Blubber The Wonder Goldfish. He'll be missed.
I was chatting to Johnny last night about it here, and he said something which brought a wry smile, and made me laugh out loud when I thought about it, when he said "you do realise that in the last 2 days, Blubber has had more mail than all of the AZ Presenters put together".
How great is that ? I guess that's the way it should be. So, a huge thanks for your comments, your Blog comments, your emails, your texts, and your e-cards.
Sometimes, it's not just all about the Presenters and Radio and Music, and we're glad of that.
Thanks to you all.
I'll be back at the end of the week, with Weekend Programming news.
Meanwhile, do keep an eye on the Album Zone MySpace page, as we are rummaging for photographs, and as soon as we find any more, they are scanned, uploaded, and added !
Have a great week.
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