Saturday, November 24, 2007

Time to meet ... Lolita and Guernica

Hello there Zoneheads,
a good weekend to you all.
Lots of goings on at RTI this weekend, with their entire Studio Complex being relocated. Whether this affects the normal AZ output tonight and tomorrow, we just don't know as yet.
If things run to form, Cupcake will be on air, 9pm tonight UK time, via and Sky 0195, with the Johnny Reece Show in it's usual spot at 8pm tomorrow evening.
However - Cupcake's superb new show is already on the Pod, and I will be uploading Johnny's Show earlier than usual, tomorrow, just in case technical things re the RTI move do affect the output. Hey, it's great to have our own back-up !
Meanwhile, got to rush, as I have to aquaint myself and say Hi to the new tiny arrivals here at AZ Towers, Lolita and Guernica.
Have a great weekend,