Sunday, December 02, 2007

It's one of those rainy nasty gale force winds days, in London town.
So, I'm staying put in the womb like environs of AZ Towers (oo-er !).
Browsing through the ol' playlist for tonights show (which I really hope you tune into, thank you very much, or Sky 0195 at 8pm tonight) and am reasonably pleased at the variance of it. Everything from newies from the rather fab Pop Levi, through the hobo ramblings of Tom Waits, to the highly original and wonderfully named Machine Gun Fellatio, checking in briefly with the so called 'female Elvis' Janis Martin, past the brilliantly understated Lambchop, to the strange 70s world of a rather different Sparks.

And much more !

Have a fab Sunday,

Johnny x