Friday, June 06, 2008

4th June... a Viking invasion

Hello all,

fun at AZ Towers last night, as the tall cool one (ok, Gil Legine to his friends) once again visited these shores. A matter of hours at AZ Towers and all that reminiscing began again (as it should !) and a last minute 'ok, let's do a show' thing occured.
So, expect to hear a Reece/Legine co-hosted show in your ears from Sunday 15th, with, no doubt, some strange stories included.

Incidentally, due to what can only be described as a cock-up by the powers that be in countries far far away, the Johnny Reece show aired 1 hour later than it should have done, last Sunday. Therefore, we are repeating it (hopefully they'll get the time right this time !) this Sunday, 8th June.
Oh, and it's on our Pod anyway...

And what's this about RTI having to stop all English spoken programming on it's local FM service, with immediate effect ?
Hmm, a step backwards for European relations, no doubt.
Many complaints afoot - but there's no use sending them to us - it's the Broadcast Authorities in Slovakia who currently, clearly, have their brains up their own backsides. European understanding my ass !
No matter - we're still on globally via the Net and across Europe via Sky courtesy of RTI, so we're not exactly panicking. It's a local affair.
But if you wish to voice your opinion at the short sightedness of the relevant authorities, by all means go to the front page, where you'll be able to vent your spleen, if you so desire !
No such problems at Radio Seagull in the Netherlands, who air us globally, and on AM in their own country, and relay too, to Tenerife on FM.

Have a fine week everyone,


Steve Lloyd
The Album Zone