Saturday, June 14, 2008

Weekend... and on time ?

Hi Zoners,
it's been a little while.
Off here and there I have been, but now back in a paint-fumed AZ Towers (decorating is afoot !).
I'm pleased to see Simon G back with the Zone. I missed his Programmes, and it's great that he's back in the regular line-up. You'll catch him tonight, Saturday, around 9pm UK time, via, or on Sky 0195. Oh, and if you miss it, it is, naturally, on our trusty pod.
Sunday sees Johnny Reece and Gil Legine in their respective chairs - that's right, a co-hosted Programme, following the tall viking's visit to the UK shores in recent days. Expect lots of musical chat as ever, and a few choice cuts, and ridiculous radio memories from times of yore.
You know what those two are like once they get together !
If RTI can bring it upon themselves to actually play the Programme at the right time, then it should be at 20.00 hours UK time via RTI and SKY, on Sunday evening.
And, a word or two - from a neutral - on the above.
We have had many contacts from listeners, asking, basically, what on earth RTI are doing, having the Sunday Show scheduled at the wrong time, for the umpteenth occasion.
Many of you asked a very pertinant question - 'why bother' ?
Well, I put this question to the Scotsman himself.
'Because it's on Sky - no more, no less' was the blunt but truthful answer.
Oh, with an addendum of 'but after 3 years you'd think they'd get the bloody thing right'.
So, now you know.
An interesting discussion did rise up amongst some Zoners regarding the closure of English Language Programmes on the FM outlet of RTI.
Much press about this (mainly from RTI themselves).
Sitting back, and thinking about this with a completely unbiased viewpoint, I can see two sides.
Whereas on the one hand, it does seem to be a terribly backward step, particularly in the light of so called European 'unity', there is the other train of thought (and this is my personal one, so agree or disagree with me on this - your choice) that RTI really never did encourage the type of English Programmes to attract or even involve the local Slovak listener.
I will even go so far as to say, that I am proud that the Album Zone has regularly mentioned the local service, the people, and, indeed, played Slovak Bands in the Programmes.
But, we were the only ones who made the effort to do this - a point worth noting.
Many shows never made the effort - for even a second, so I am not too surprised at the decision.
Surely, if promotion of multi-culturism is the key, or your Station remit, then you must feature Programmes to reflect this ? Shouldn't that be common sense for a Station Manager ?
Oh, don't get me started on Programme Controllers and Radio Station managers !!!
Well, just my tuppence worth.
You want to attract locals ? Then do something to attract them, and, moreso, involve them in the Programming to their own area.
Don't abandon them, or... well, you know.
Quite simple really.
The more I think about it, I'm hearing a lot of moans after the horse has bolted.
Don't forget ! We can also be heard on Radio Seagull, 6 times per week.
Do check their schedule for details.
Have a fine and safe weekend everyone, wherever you are.
Steve Lloyd PR The Album Zone