Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ah, dusty old Records...

Hi Zoneheads,
a quick update, as we are all too busy sitting around with cold drinks and ice cream.
Hey, can you blame us ?
Last night you may well have rocked out to Andy Miles, well, tonight, you can hear the Johnny Reece Soiree, in its usual time and place.
Sunday, 20.00 (UK time) or 21.00 in Europe, via, and via Sky 0195.
Expect the unexpected.
Well, we always say that, but this time the element of truth has increased somewhat.
Some of the Vinyl archive was raided, including some dusty gems which had not seen the light of day, for more years than any of us could comfortably admit.
Alongside the odd newie or advance play of the likes of Matthew Sweet, you can also hear the little known Tin Tin, The Tourists, and, ermm, Lance Percival. And much more.
No, really.
Have a fine weekend all, wherever you may be, and thanks for your support.
Steve Lloyd PR The Album Zone