Friday, June 27, 2008

Weekend action !

Hi Zoneheads,
what a funny old week it's been on the Zone.
Time for change, and probably long overdue. For those that don't know, we have withdrawn our programmes from RTI, with immediate effect, no need to go into details - you all know why.
A Radio Station needs to be on air, enough said.
Onward and upward, and for the sake of some continuity, we will retain Saturday 9pm and Sunday 8pm as 'debut' Album Zone Shows, when we feel the need.
But all new Shows, wherever they are Broadcast (more about this below !) will always, always, be on our Pod first for you. Fair enough ? We really do think it's the most efficient way to be.
You can access the Pod 24/7, naturally.
We are really looking forward to our new arrangement with WCRV, 97.7, Pennsylvania.
It's something we have never really looked into before, allowing local FM Stations in different countries to have the AZ feed, but I think it will be a lot of fun. It's nice to be asked, too.
Initially, WCRV will air The Album Zone on Fridays, at 18.00 hours, EST.
Discussions continue, by the way, with New York Metropolitan area Broadcasters.
When something breaks (not literally !) you will hear it right here, first, as ever.
Our good friends at Radio Seagull continue to broadcast the AZ team, 6 times per week.
Next week, you can hear (all UK times listed) :
Monday 6pm : Andy Miles
Tuesday 6pm : Simon G
Wednesday 6pm : Johnny Reece
Friday 2am : Andy Miles
Saturday 2am : Simon G
Sunday 2am : Johnny Reece
Johnny was invited to Radio Seagull, for a week or two of 'Live' Programmes from their Radio Ship, in July, but it does look as if work commitments here in London will prevent him having the time to be available. Ah, next time !
As for newies hitting our Pod, the new Johnny Reece Show will be available this Sunday, 29th June. Other newies are already on the way too, from Gil Legine, and Barry De Foyle.
Monday night at AZ Towers brings a visit from the punklicious Zoe, who is here once again to record a co-hosted show, with the Scottish one.
As ever, Pod first... so keep those ears peeled !
As ever, we appreciate your feedback, to
Have a fine weekend all, and thanks, as ever, for your support.
Steve Lloyd PR The Album Zone