Sunday, February 05, 2006

Mr Barclay : The Answers

James Barclay says...

Why are you involved in The Album Zone ?
Everybody has to do something...
What's your favourite colour ?
What's your favourite sweets ?
Favourite Food :
Least Favourite Food :
What do you want to be when you grow up ?
Choose ONE word to describe yourself :
What could you not live without ?
Who could you not live without ?
What's the greatest Single ever made ?
Bell Bottom Blues - Derek And The Dominoes
What's the greatest Album ever made ?
Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking - Roger Waters
If you could change something about yourself, what would it be ?
Do you love Custard ?
GOD YES!!!!!!!
Favourite subject at School :
Going home
Least favourite subject at School :
Going there
Favourite Football Team :
Custard United
Favorite Cheerleader team :
Unhealthy Athletics
Mode of Transport :
Astral Travel
IQ :
Less than Zero
Colour of Socks :
Favourite Pet :
"Niko" - my ex houseplant, now part of the London Congestion Charge Map due to an admin. error
Favourite Smartie colour :
Favourite flavour of Crisps :
Other people's
Favourite Places :
Bed, home, bed, pub, bed, toilet, bed, bed.
You are moving to the Moon, but you are allowed to take just THREE personal possessions with you. What would they be ?
The Earth, God and Niko my ex houseplant.
Best Friend :
The girl who told me she was my best friend when we were both pissed last night.
Worst Friend :
The girl who told me she was my best friend when we were both pissed last night.
Best TV Programmes ever :
Randall and Hopkirk (the original 60s one)
Best Radio Programmes ever :
People Like Us.
Best Films ever :
Its A Wonderful World - James Stewart et al.
Best Song Lyric ever :
"The lights are dimmed - and once again the stage is set for you" - Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway.
Best advice you've ever been given :
Don't take advice.
Worst advice you've ever been given :
Never listen to good advice.
Final thoughts :
God - get me out of here!!!!!!!