Sunday, February 05, 2006

PROFILE : Johnny Reece

Much has been said about Johnny Reece, although none of it here.
Johnny Reece and colleagues formed The Album Zone in January 1997, because there was nothing much else to do that night, and the pub was already closed. According to which particular source of information you read, Reece was born in either 1966, 1962, or 1958. When very drunk, he has attempted to claim he was born in 1973. Perhaps he doesn't know. I say this, because I asked him, and he said "I don't know".
This is, of course, a lie. What isn't a lie is the fact that he owns his own CD & Record Shop in London, is current London Pop Quiz Champion (only because he steadfastly refuses to defend the title he won in 1991, therefore unfairly still holds it) and boasts a personal Record and CD collection of over 12,000 Albums. "Having a Record Shop helps" says the exiled Scotsman. He has also built the main Album Zone Studio at a secret location on the Hertfordshire borders, which is used for pre-recording specialist Album Zone Programmes for both Europe and the USA, around the world on the internet, and for production purposes. The rest, as they say, is hysterical.
His obsessions include Roxy Music, Emiliana Torrini, T.Rex, The White Stripes, Hairdressers, Heinz Tomato Ketchup, Cheerleaders, Manchester United Football Club, Crisps, and Tea.

If he ever won the Lottery, he would "expand the Album Zone to wipe out all those crappy formatted Stations", and "spend the rest on Toys and Sweets".