Sunday, February 05, 2006

PROFILE : Zoe Street

Ah, she's our little Punkbaby. Reason ? Well, she likes Punk, Ska, and New Wave, and her Programmes are choc-a-bloc with it. And - fact - when she was born she was nicknamed Punkbaby for her sticky-out hair fashion statement, at just a matter of hours old. True ! Zoe is a well respected Music Journo, writing for various magazines and for online publications too, such as Fly, Gigwise, and BBC Music Interactive. Catch her regular show 'The Pogo Sessions' on The Album Zone. If you want to know anything about what's happening, what did happen, or what is likely to happen, then she's your girl. Zoe joined up with the Album Zone renegades in late 2005, when she met up with Johnny Reece in a music store. The rest is history. Watch this space.