Sunday, February 05, 2006

PROFILE : Rich Phoenix

Rich Phoenix. Not so much a name, more a state of mind. Rich is the most experienced of the AZ Crew, having worked at, amongst others, (sharp intake of breath) - ABC New York, various Stations in Ohio including WSLR and WKSU-FM, and a whole plethora of New Jersey Stations such as WERA, WRAN, and WCTC. Quite what he thinks he is doing joining up with a bunch of imbeciles at the AZ is no-one's business, of course, but we're 'helluva glad' he's here. (a little 'Stateside phrasing' there to make him feel more at home). Rich was/is an AZ listener. A 'fan' if you like. It was Reecey himself going 'live' round the globe late one night some years back who received a call from Rich saying "How's London ? - we're listening to you here in New Jersey". Cool. Since then Rich has become great friends with us all, and we really thought we'd better get him on air. In the past, he has met/interviewed many luminaries of the Music Biz, such as Macca, Harrison, and Ringo, also Yoko too (who Rich described as 'interesting') though the favourite quote from the man himself came when he was describing doing a Radio show, interviewing Cheech and Chong. 'What were they like' ?, I asked. "Nuts" was the reply. Great stuff, and great fun too, we were told. Rich is also a great friend of Norman 'Hurricane' Smith, who I guess very many of you know, not just for those hits, but for his production work with The Beatles. In recent years Rich has been working in Municipal Government, which we hope of course will stand us in good stead when the shit really hits the fan.
Watch out for his excellent Shows - in your very ears, here on the Zone.