Sunday, February 05, 2006

PROFILE : Gil Legine

Gil Legine is the tallest of the Album Zone Presenters, at 9 foot 4.
He also doubles (trebles ?) his work for the Album Zone by being not only a Sound Engineer, but is an accomplished Drummer.
He is not currently listed in the Guinness Book of Records, rather surprising as he is actually taller than the Empire State Building. However, on the rare occasions when he steps out of line, the other Presenters are always on hand to head-butt him on the kneecaps. Gil is also bionic. (Long story.)
For a while, Gil presented the A.Z. 'Jazz Club', as he was the only one who knows about these things, and the rest of us don't.
The 'Alan Titchmarsh of the Album Zone' as he is called (only here, nowhere else) is attempting to now landscape his garden at home in the leafy suburbs of Copenhagen, in his spare time. Exactly where he gets this 'spare time' from remains a mystery to us all, considering his varied occupations.
Gil has also been a regular at the Album Zone Broadcasts from Radio 6 in northern France, and at the RSL Broadcasts in Holland at local Station, Radio Stad Harlingen. He also joined the rest of the crew cutting his teeth (not literally) doing the 'night-time' Album spots at recent RSLs on Radio Caroline, playing the best in Album music to a generally bemused audience, who were more used to vile commercial atrocities.
His obsessions include Frank Zappa, Andrea Corr, Jazz, and Curry.
He'll have the Soup.