Sunday, February 05, 2006

PROFILE : Andy Miles


Our '70's West Coast Rock and 'Live' Rock specialist' as he's known to people who like long sentences, Andy is another veteran (he won't like that) from our French Broadcasts, and is now a fully paid-up member of The Album Zone team (well, a member anyway). Andy often accompanied the crew to France when the broadcasts at Radio 6 were going strong, and his regular appearances in an early morning spot and the shows in 1998 at MNO covering the 7am - 10am spot prove without doubt that he's the only one of us with an alarm clock. He also presents many programmes from his own studio based in the leafy glades (there's that phrase again) of Hampshire. For all you Shortwave punters, Andy made his debut shows on our American outlet, WBCQ, in January, 2000. In his 'normal' line of work (which must remain a secret for no good reason) he takes regular business trips to exotic locations such as Milan, Brussels and New York, and has a nice car too, so the rest of us are quite rightly jealous of him and talk about him a lot behind his back. Andy's obsessions include Denim Jackets, 'Live Rock', and Guinness.